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There’s Always Good In Everything

Once there lived a teenage boy named Raghav. He often lost his temper easily; usually when things didn’t go the way he planned it would.

Angry Raghav

One day while he was walking in a park someone ran into him and pushed him down and kept on running.

Raghav was bursting with anger! He beat his fist onto the path of the park and his fist was poked by something.

He again got angry! Then he started shouting and looked at what poked him. It was a diamond ring!

Raghav became happy!

The next day; he went to meet his uncle. When he reached his uncle’s house, he knocked on the door of his uncle’s house

. Then he went inside. He asked his uncle for a gift.


But his uncle said, “I got something better than a gift, I will tell you a story.”

Raghav was angry but he controlled his anger and started listening to his uncle.

His uncle started narrating the story, “There was once a man. He wanted to go to the store to buy some stuff. As he was leaving the house, his little finger on his left hand got stuck onto something and it got separated from the man’s left hand. He howled in pain and was extremely angry and sad. Then he changed his plans and decided to go the hospital. To reach the hospital he had to cross a forest. While he was crossing the forest, he was ambushed by savages. These savages used to sacrifice other human beings to their deity. They wanted to do the same to that man. When they were about to chop his head off, one of the savages noticed that his little finger was missing, so he stopped the other savages from chopping the head of that man. When the chief of the savages asked that savage why he had stopped the sacrifice the savage told the chief that the man had one of his little fingers missing and so that the man was incomplete and they cannot sacrifice an incomplete man to their deity, so they let the man go. The end.”

Then his uncle asked, “So Raghav, what did you understand from this story?”

Raghav replied by saying, “I understood that there is always something good hidden even in bad situations.”

And from that day on, Raghav became a cheerful boy.

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  2. K. M Raindra Upadhya K. M Raindra Upadhya

    Very good story. Keep it up.

  3. samarth samarth

    wow very nice story

  4. Shrirashmi M J Shrirashmi M J

    Good work Akhilesh

  5. Shrimathi Shrimathi

    Nice story Akhilesh .

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