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The unknown word

Once upon a time, a boy from Russia had moved to a place called, “Eurasia”. The boy’s name was “Abhi”.

The day he moved in to the place, there had been a lot of fights in the city, like, people punching each other, throwing tantrums, etc.

Abhi wanted the people to stop fighting.

So, he went in search of a way to make the people stop fighting.

While he was searching, he entered a forest. In the forest he saw two huge giants!


Abhi was afraid but he was also determined to reach his goal.

“Excuse me! But can you please move aside.” Abhi said.

The two giants replied, “Oh! Sorry! We didn’t notice you there! Please forgive us!”

Abhi was happy and also at the same time shocked! How could these giants be so nice whereas the people in the city were always fighting?

Abhi wanted to know how the giants kept calm.

So he asked, “How are you able to keep yourself so calm whereas the people in my city always keep on fighting?”

The giants replied, “There is a little secret word we use to keep ourselves calm. If you want to know what the word is you have to go inside that little temple beside those two palm trees. Once you are inside search for the secret word. Once you find the secret word write it down in a piece of paper and go back to your city and shout that word which you had written in a piece of paper, then the people will stop fighting. But, Beware! There are three different words. One of them will help you whereas the rest will lead to the destruction of your city. We would gladly tell you what the word is but according to the rules of the temple, we are forbidden to do so and only the purest of hearts will get the right word and we are sure that you are also one of the purest of hearts so we wish you luck.”

Soon Abhi went inside the temple.


He found three rooms in the temple. He went inside the first room; there was a word on a pedestal. The word was ‘destruction’. Then he went inside the second room; there was another word on a pedestal. The word was ‘death’ . Soon afterwards, he went inside the third room; there was yet another word on a pedestal. The word was ‘peace’. Then he went to the main room of the temple and picked up a piece of paper and an ink pen. He sat thinking on the three words. Finally, he came to a conclusion and went inside the third room and copied the word ‘peace’ onto the piece of paper.

Peace writing on a paper

He folded the piece of paper and put it into his pocket.

Thereafter, he ran back to his city and kept on shouting the word ‘peace’. After some time the people understood the word’

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  1. Ravindra upadhya Ravindra upadhya

    Nice story. Good effort. Abhi’s peace word made the people to stop fighting in his town. Very very good ideas that you are putting in the paper. Keep it up. May God bless you.

    • akhilesh akhilesh

      Thank you!

  2. Indira upadya Indira upadya

    So nice. Looks like real. Words are so good
    All the best



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