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The Three Primary Colours

Once there lived three primary colours. They are Red, Blue and Yellow.

They had a big fight.

Red said, “I am the brightest of you all; I make up the colour brown, pink and many others”. Blue said, “No! I am the brightest since, I resemble peace and non-violence. I make up colours purple, sky blue and many others”. Yellow said, “I am the lightest and brightest of you all. I make colours orange, green and many others”.

Just at that moment Black colour entered. “Why are you all shouting? “Black screeched.

“We’re fighting to see who is better”, replied Red.

“OH! I see…Let me help with that”, Black said.

“That’d be great!”, Blue said.

“I’ll give you all a test, whoever wins is the most superior of you all”, Black said.

“Interesting”, Yellow muttered.

“The test is…You all have to make colours of rainbow, ALONE; to prove you’re the superior of all”, Black said.

Rainbow Colours

“OK”! Everyone said (except Black).

Yellow tried to make green without Blue’s help but couldn’t make it! Blue tried to make violet without Red’s help but couldn’t make it. Red tried to make orange without Yellow’s help but couldn’t make it.

“We can’t make it!” the three replied. “Now you see all of you are important”, Black said.

Then onwards they were all in peace.

Three primary Colours

Moral: If your appearance, characteristics are different from each other no matter what you all matter to this world.

P.S. That’s why you see so many colours in this world!

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  1. K. M Raindra Upadhya K. M Raindra Upadhya

    Very good story. Interesting. You are doing good work. Keep it up. God bless you.

  2. Vivek Vivek

    Good Akhilesh. Keep writing!

  3. Indira upadya Indira upadya

    Very nice story.
    Keep on writing
    All the best



  5. Wow. Nice moral. Yes every one is unique and different and all colors are needed. Well done.
    Keep up the good work

  6. Vidyalakshmi Vidyalakshmi

    Very Good Akhilesh. God Bless you dear

  7. Bhoomika m Bhoomika m

    very nice story

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