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The Chatter of Online Apps

Narrator :- Ahh! Isn’t it a beautiful day?  Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. And on days like this we should have a walk outside for some fresh air. Oh! But wait! We can’t! There is a pandemic! So we should stay inside our homes, Attend online school through –

Google meet :- Meee! I am the most important. See what I mean, WhatsApp! Even the narrator agrees!

Narrator :- Oh! What is going on here? And how did you know what I was going to say Google meet?

WhatsApp :- Oh narrator! If you were not there from the beginning then be quiet. If you want to really know then you would stick around.

Narrator :- Fine.

Google meet :- Anyways, As I was saying. I am the most important out of you all. I connect the students and the teachers. So they can have classes.

Narrator :- But even if you were not there, we would have used zoom.

Google meet :- No one uses that!

Narrator :- *Rest in peace Zoom*

Gmail :- But you can’t share the notes with the teacher without me!

WhatsApp :- And without me! Because you will also share notes with the teacher through me! And you can’t talk to teacher without me. For example, If you are unable to join a class you can tell the teacher and —

Gmail :- Blah, Blah, Blah!

WhatsApp :- Take that back!

Gmail :- I won’t!

WhatsApp :- Grrr!

Google Classroom :- Well, I help by making assignments, giving notes to the students, etc.

Microsoft :- Hey, Hey, Hey! Let’s not forget about me!  I create the notes and help in presentation and other stuff! I also control the Computer or Laptop.

Google :- Even me! I control all the Google apps! I am the most favourite search engine! I also create the notes and help in presentation and other stuff!

Microsoft :- Hey, Hey, Hey! But I have my own browser. i.e., Microsoft edge.

Google :- So? Even I also have my own browser. i.e., Google Chrome.

Microsoft :- Hey, Hey, Hey! I have a drawing tool. i.e., MS Paint.

Narrator :- Can’t you say anything other than, ‘Hey, Hey, Hey!’ I mean, just come on!

Microsoft :- OK

Google :- Even I also have a drawing tool. i.e., Drawing

Microsoft :- So, So, So?!

Narrator :- Finally something else! BTW, Can’t you guys just stop fighting?

Google :- Nooo! We are seeing who is better! So we won’t stop fighting unless we find a solution.

Google Classroom :- I have got an Idea! How about we try to conduct a full week class, separately? To see who’s better!

Narrator :- Now that’s an Idea!

Google meet :- That’s easy!

Narrator :- See you all after one week! (To the audience now) So during this period, each of these apps tried conducting online classes without using any other app’s help.

*One week later*

Google meet :- Hey! I am unable to conduct a proper class! Some people are unable to join and the notes cannot be shared!

Whatsapp :- Same here!

Google Classroom :- So I think that, for us to conduct a proper class we need each other! And even if one of us is not there it will be a huge problem!

Microsoft :- Yes!

Narrator :- See! Now we can finally be peaceful and have a nice —

Among Us :- No! You people should not trust each other!

Narrator :- And here we go again!

Google Classroom :- Why?

Among Us :- Haven’t you people played me? Haven’t you people seen what happens in my game?

WhatsApp :- So? What is there in that?

Among Us :- Well, If you trust one another you can get betrayed and you cannot trust each other!

Microsoft :- And why should we listen to you, huh?

Among Us :- I mean, look at Google meet, Google meet started the fight!

Google :- Yeah! (Pause for a few seconds) Out with Google meet!

Google meet :- Whoa, Whoa guys, guys! I am sorry!

Gmail :- Out with Google meet!

Microsoft :- Yeah! Out with Google meet!

Among Us :- *Evil smiles*

Narrator :- Guys please don’t be harsh to Google meet! I am sure she didn’t mean it and –

Among Us :- As if! If she didn’t mean it and she is sorry she would have atleast tried to stop the fight!

Microsoft :- Yeah! Out with Google meet!

Google Classroom :- Guys please wait and listen to me! Among Us is trying to create confusion against us! So that we would fight each other again! We should not break our friendship with this silly fight! It could cost us our digital lives and our reputation!

Google :- Hmm… You do have a point.

WhatsApp :- Yes. So we should stop this silly non-sense

Narrator :- Yup

Google meet :- Whew! I thought you people were really going to digitally beat me up!

Gmail :- Nah! We would have if it weren’t for Google Classroom.

Among Us :- Wait! Wait! This isn’t –

Gmail :- Now on the other hand, I think we should digitally beat you up.

Google meet :- Yeah!

Among Us :- Who me?

Gmail :- Yes, you!

Google :- Yeah!

Among Us :- But, But, I am supposed to be the hero!

Gmail :- Nope, you aren’t a hero. Never was, Never will. You just like to watch us suffer!

Whatsapp :- YEAH!!

Among Us :- Come on guys please don’t hurt me!

Narrator :- Everyone attack Among Us for creating mistrust among our friends!

Microsoft :- YEAH!!!!!

Narrator :- Charge!!

Google classroom :- Grahhhyyyyaa!!!

Among Us :- Mommmyyy! (And runs away)

Gmail :- Hahahaha! Now we can all go back to our normal digital lives.

Narrator :- (After everyone continues with their work) Now you all see people, Each one of you is important, Each one of you is significant in this world. So don’t fight with each other to see who is superior or better. Support each other to be one huge collaborating entity. Oh! And please don’t be like Among Us! Oh! And one more final thing, If these online apps had continued fighting we would not have been able to conduct online classes. Thank you all the apps.

Narrator :-

Thank you audience! Hope you enjoyed our show and hope you all learnt something from it!

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