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Funny Skit:- Kiran and Joe

Scene 1 (At the dorms)

Kiran: Oi, Joe, wake up! We got to go to school!

Joe: Hmm…Ok…just five minutes…Kiran.

Kiran: (Holds the left hand of Joe and drags him out of bed) Look, you’re sleeping in a very awkward position and we’ll be late to school if you continue this!

Joe: (Getting dragged out of bed in an awkward position) but this is the most comfortable sleeping position ever known to mankind!

Kiran: Dude, you look like you fell from the 25th floor of BurjKhalifa.

Joe: Whatever.

Kiran: (Reaches the bathroom) Shh… (Spills a bucket of cold water on Joe’s face)

Water Bucket

Joe: I’m up! I’m up!

Kiran: (Sniggers)

Joe: Why! , Why always me!

Kiran: Just be quiet and brush your teeth fast!

Joe: Alright! Chill out!

Kiran: (applies tooth paste on his tooth brush and puts it in his mouth. Applies tooth paste on Joe’s tooth brush and gives it to Joe)

Both: (Start brushing their teeth and fighting each other with their tooth brushes)

After Brushing…

     And Bathing…

     And wearing clothes…

     Off they went to school…


Scene 2 (At school)

Kiran: (Stands near his and Joe’s class) come here fast! , Snail!

Joe: (Coming slowly to Kiran) go away slowly! , Cheetah!

Kiran: Just come fast already!

Joe: Nope! (Starts to go even more slowly than before)


Kiran: Arrrggghhh! , fine then! , you leave me no choice! (Starts dragging Joe by the leg)

Joe: Ow, Ow, Ow! (Starts speaking in a fed up and angry tone) I’ll tell you three things.

  1. Since you keep on irritating me I’ll irritate you if there is a free period.
  2. If you make me angry or irritate me again, just you see what I’ll do.
  3. You know you can just go to class and wait for me there.

Kiran: Whatever!


Scene 3 (At class)

   It was a free period just as Joe wanted it to be.

Kiran: Yay! , the teacher is on leave! (Starts dancing…) Wait a second. (Stops dancing as he realizes there is a problem) Nooo, Joe is going to irritate me!

    A few moments later…

Joe: Hey Kiran.

Kiran: (Speaks in a gloomy tone) Hey Joe, What do you want?

Joe: (Speaks in a rather devilish tone) Oh! Since it is a free period I’m going to start irritating you.

Kiran: Wait, Have you seen those movies were people ask if someone has a last wish before they are killed?

Joe: Yeah, Why?

Kiran: Can you also allow me to do one thing before you start irritating me?

Joe: (Thinks for a while) Hmm…Alright.

Kiran: (Slaps Joe) Here! , This is the thing I wanted to do! (Starts smiling devilishly)

Joe: That’s it! I warned you to not make me angry once more! , Now face my wrath! (Takes off his shoe and almost starts hitting him but stops abruptly) Hmm…, No, I’ll use my belt! (Puts on his shoe and removes his belt and starts belting Kiran)


Kiran: Ow, Ow, Bye to all of you. I can’t let you people know how Joe continues belting me.

Joe: Alright, at least God will be there to witness me belting you. So bye to you people.

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    super duper 10/10 marks keep writing like these awsome stories

  2. Ravindra upadhya Ravindra upadhya

    Very good. Keep it up.

  3. samarth samarth

    wow super funny

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