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Poem:- When Exams are nearing

A Few Things to Note

The word failing is used to tell that the speaker thinks that he is not going to be able to cope up with his studies.

(That’s all)







My exams are nearing

And I’ve not finished reading,

I know I’m failing,

Why can’t I be free?

Oh! Just 5 days till the exam,

7 subjects pending.

My favourite subjects,

Maths, English, Science,

Yet to be glanced through,

When will I be free?

Oh! Just 4 days till the exam,

6 subjects pending.

My second and third languages,

Kannada and Hindi,

Almost done!

What do I need to do?

To be free?

Oh! Just 3 days till the exam,

4 subjects pending.

Maybe I can do this!

I’ve studied Maths and English!

Even Science before tonight,

How can I be free?

Oh! Just 2 days till the exam,

1 subject pending.

I can do this!

I will do this!

SST done reading!

I am almost free!

Oh! Just 1 day till the exam,

0 subjects pending.

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  1. K. M Raindra Upadhya K. M Raindra Upadhya

    Very good. Nice. Keep it up.

  2. Indira upadhya Indira upadhya


  3. Bhoomika m Bhoomika m

    nice poem

  4. vanajaga vanajaga

    funny very funny

  5. shreyas k nalwad shreyas k nalwad

    very good

  6. Iman Iman

    quite interesting…

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