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Poem:- Mother Nature

Nature is our breath

It is a treasury,

Often looked down upon

Nature supplies us with water and air

Which we,

Oh! So carelessly pollute

Nature provides us companions,

Such as animals,

Which we mercilessly butcher.

Nature provides trees,

The mother to all animals and birds and even us,

Who we cut down for our house and furniture.

Nature provides us precious stones and minerals,

Which we mine out of the chest of our mother earth and wear it on our necks,

Arms, fingers and even on our legs.

Nature gives a solid land,

Which help us to walk upon, without which we could not walk nor run.

Nature gave birth to us,

But we pollute and spoil our mother nature.

Why can’t we just play along with our mother nature?

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  1. Km Ravindra upadya Km Ravindra upadya

    Very good poem! Very interesting! Keep it up!

  2. Vidyalakshmi Vidyalakshmi

    Very good akhilesh

  3. Lalitha Lalitha

    Lovely!! Keep posting more and more poems

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