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Harish’s memorable day

“Wake up you oaf! Stop sleeping like a log! I don’t have all day to keep on waking you up!” Harish’s mother said.

“What happened? Did our president die or did I get eternal peace from school?” I said.

“Not even in your dreams can that happen! Now you get up!” Harish’s mother said.

“Ok” I said. But I think that might happen in my dreams ‘cause dreams are dreams you can never predict them!

I did my usual  stuff and went cycling to school.

On the way, some person who was in a hurry, he pushed my bicycle and kept on running.

I shouted, “Where are you going?! At least help this fellow human whom you have pushed in such a hurry.

He did not respond.

I got up and kept on cycling and I finally reached school.


Here’s where the real fun began!

As I was walking to my class, that is “9th C” class.

I saw that there, on the ground, near the staircase of the corridor, there was a ring.

diamond ring

I picked it up and put it onto my finger.

Soon, I went into my class. After 3:30 we all started to go home.

While I was returning to my bicycle, I saw that the ring was glowing!

shining ring

I rubbed it and I saw what would happen in a few days.

After that the ring said, “You have only ten more tries to see the near future”. I understood what it said and the ring continued, “Now I’ll give you two choices, the first, ‘Be rich and let everyone else be poor’ and the second, ‘Be poor and let everyone else be rich’. Which do you choose?”

I said, “I choose the second choice”.

The ring said, “I will make you intelligent and in the future you will be a wealthy man”.

I said, “I don’t want that. I want to work hard to be prosperous”

The ring said, “So be it”

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